Attitude's Twitter feed just posted this:

A new Kate Bush album, in case you hadn't worked that out. A few minutes went by, and then this appeared:

The incomparable, unparalleled Kate Bush is giving us something that fanboys can only dream of. While she is currently in the processing of putting together brand new material, the recent acquisition of rights to The Sensual World and The Red Shoes seems to have been most fruitful. On May 16th, she will release Director's Cut; a compilation of re-recorded tracks from the two albums (in the artwork above, the negatives are captures of the album covers) which will be comprised of "re-recorded elements whilst keeping the best musical performances of each song", achieving what has been termed a "director's cut not in vision but in sound". Absolutely, impossibly glorious.

The Sensual World in particular is our second favourite Bush album ever, with The Red Shoes ranking pretty high too. Both are incredibly rich, sumptuous and multi-multi-layered masterpieces and exemplary of how far her talents and gifts can reach. This is all too much for us to fully process right now, we're trying to take it all in. We find it bizarre that an artist of Kate's nature, that of a constantly evolving, rarely looking back (qualities we prize in both Madonna and Bjork's natures too) type, which do something like this but under her circumstances - Kate will never perform live again - this is about as close as we will ever get to true acknowledgement and care shown to some of her finest work. Also included in the package are re-mastered versions of the original 1989 and 1993 albums, along with digital and vinyl releases. Good job we didn't bid for that £15 mint Sensual World vinyl last week.

One of the most exciting facets of all this news is a brand new, re-recorded "Deeper Understanding". The tale of a love for and derived from a computer, it seemed a tad comical upon first listen but, recorded in 1989, was incredibly forward thinking and scarily accurate in predicting the extent to which the society we live in relies on and enjoys comfort from technology. Extremely pertinent for 2011, and clearly a product of Kate's black humour that of all of the masterpieces on the two albums she chooses to release an ode to her computer to lead the campaign.

Above all of this - new material is coming.

Brb, just going for a lie down.

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